Agile Business Analyst (ABA) - Virtual Training, 26-27 September 2024 – Zoom

Thu 26 Sep 2024 08:30 - Fri 27 Sep 2024 17:00 AEST
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The role of the Business Analyst changes in the Agile world.
Stay ahead with new techniques, tools and tactics to guide your Agile team.

About Us

To find out more about our company, AxisAgile please review our website.

About this course

Our Agile BA course is an engaging 2-day session designed to provide Business Analysts with the knowledge and techniques to optimise the delivery of requirements, ensure that teams build relevant products and assist Product Owners manage the demands of complex initiatives.

Aligned with the Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), this course will prepare anyone who is interested in taking the Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA-AAC) exam.

Our highly engaging and interactive online course (laptop or desktop with Internet connection required) includes:

  • downloadable training materials;
  • real-time instruction
  • real-world application
  • relatable examples

The course will contain the same unique AxisAgile content and the class size will remain limited to ensure all attendees are still able to effectively collaborate with each other and with both trainers. Completed in real time, attendees will work together in small teams and learn not only from the trainers but also from each other through discussion in breakout sessions, exercises, targeted games and simulations.

Who Should Attend
Business Analysts, Business Architects, Requirements Engineers, Systems Analysts, Process Analysts or anyone involved on an Agile team interested in learning how the role of Business Analyst fits within the Scrum framework will all benefit from this course.

This course covers:

  • Traditional vs Agile requirement analysis - Learn how the role of the Business Analyst changes
  • Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide - Understand the three horizons and seven principles
  • User Story Mapping - See the whole, while gathering detail on what is most important
  • Where Business Analysts fit in - Understand how a BA fits within a cross-functional delivery team
  • Refining requirements collaboratively - Empathise with the customer, and observe requirements through their eyes
  • Product Backlog - Establishing a sequential delivery order to maximise value delivered
  • Product Backlog Refinement - Understand iterative and incremental analysis
  • Definition of Ready (DoR) - Control the quality of requirements
  • User Stories and User Story Splitting - Utilise the most popular Agile requirement format
  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) - Understand how concrete examples can drive out assumptions and ambiguity
  • Job Stories - Understand your customers’ motivations and deliver a result that delights them
  • Fully-dressed and casual use-cases - Use-cases are a valid alternative to User Stories when applied correctly on an Agile project
  • Non-functional requirements - How to include non-functional requirements as part of the Product Backlog and/or Definition of Done (DoD)
  • Sprint operations - Discovery vs delivery tasks, aligning expectations with Stakeholders at the Sprint Review, and improving the approach to Business Analysis at the Sprint Retrospective.

Course Inclusions

A copy of Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners

Scrum Shortcuts book - a course inclusion

You'll receive your very own copy of Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners, the hugely popular book that was selected to be part of the 'Mike Cohn Agile Signature Series' (the premiere book series on Scrum and Agile globally). This book is full of great Agile tactics, tips and tricks that many have found to be invaluable. But don't take our word for it, check out the reviews on Amazon!

Free Ongoing Support!

Certified Scrum Master Training (CSM)-Virtual Training, 3 & 4 November image

Don't worry, when you've concluded your training with us, we're still here to help via our free ongoing support. Email us with a question and we're sure to reply. That's another advantage of having two highly experienced trainers. There's more of us to go round!

Workbooks to help you connect with the concepts


Our fill-in-the-gaps workbook is super handy to write in answers and take notes as you follow along with us through the course. This has been specifically designed to help reinforce key learnings.

Online Course Information

  • Course Requirements - You will need a computer or laptop with webcam capability, and a good stable Internet connection.
  • Sign In Information - At week prior to your course date, you will be provided with your unique log-in details, and all the information you need to prepare for your course.
  • Course Times - Your real-time training will commence promptly at 9am (with an 8:30am sign on) and conclude at 5pm with plenty of activities and breaks (of course!) in between.

Private ABA Courses available
Please contact us to discuss options for in-house, private Agile Business Analyst courses.

Policies for Refund, Replacement and Postponement, our Terms and your Privacy

If you have booked onto a course and aren't able to make your course date please refer to our Refund, Replacement and Postponement Policy.

Please also refer to the AxisAgile Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

We look forward to seeing you soon!